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Increase your
with data collaboration


We provide compliant data collaboration for 
perfect insights, advertising
 and personalization.


We'll get in touch with you!

Why collaborate?

Leverage a 360° view of 

your customers

Hyper-target customers

in a cookieless era

Get access to perfect

customer segments



Compliant data collaboration made simple! 

Dive in our pool of data and apply data-driven marketing.

We combine customer data of different, complementary companies.  

Customer data is stored in separate vaults & completely anonymised. 


Gain aggregated insights in your customers, activate perfect segments
for advertising & enhance personalization.

Completely GDPR-proof.

Leverage external data

without exchanging it, and comply to GDPR 

Get actionable insights, and a 360° view of your customers

Identify the best data partners in our network, or bring your own

Target perfect customer 

segments in campaigns & personalize content




We'll take it from here

Join us with your partners or let us guide you from A-Z.

First (virtual) coffee is on us! We sit down and look at your data needs.

How can data collaboration boost your business to the next level? We identify partners available in our network to see if there is a possible match. If not, we go out there and look for the right partners.

How does it work?

A data clean room - activate external data, without exchanging it


XYZ car owner + bicycle owner


perfect advertising target

Insights for both companies

Receive aggregated insights such as: 

15% customer overlap, buying patterns, best marketing practice, ...

Perfect target audience for advertising & personalization

Target audiences get sent to the advertiser automatically. 

No customer data exchange - GDPR proof.  

The same output can trigger personalization in your mailing & website. From product recommendations to personalized offers. 

Car company 'XYZ' - wants to sell bike racks

Bicycle retailer 'ABC'




Customer segment

car owners

Strip all PII. Hash common key & encrypt data

Customer Segment

bicycle owners


Example Case

1 collaboration - 30% increase in advertising performance

A premium car brand's after-sales division which was selling bicycle racks and roof boxes had a hard time targeting the right audience in advertising. By combining the customer data of the car brand with several outdoor/sports brands, we found the perfect target audience.

Group 141.png

When Apple started restricting cookies we saw an online ad performance

drop of over 40%. Google is following next year. If you don't act now, you will fall behind.

Oliver Wolfs - CEO and Co-Founder

Our Vision

eCommerce + Privacy = ❤️

The internet is changing. Cookie removal & GDPR law are great examples of consumer protection.

It's time for new paradigms, where privacy is a core value. It enforces us to develop new algorithms to keep offering the same service.


Get ready for the new internet with us!

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