OHL & WEHAVE - Redefining Sponsorships with data 🚀⚽️
OHL & WEHAVE - Redefining Sponsorships with data 🚀⚽️


OHL & WEHAVE - Redefining Sponsorships with data 🚀⚽️


Mar 14, 2024


OHL & WEHAVE - Redefining Sponsorships with data 🚀⚽️

Enhancing Sponsorship Value

OHL Leuven has forged a pioneering collaboration with Wehave, becoming the first Belgian football club to deploy advanced data clean room technology for their sponsors. This strategic collaboration aims to revolutionize sponsorships by providing access to fan data in a privacy-centric way. Sponsors can now measure their ROI by evaluating customer overlap before, during, and after the season. Beyond gaining visibility and awareness, they can engage in online activation campaigns with special offers targeted specifically to segments of fans.

Leading with Innovation

Harnessing Wehave's technology, OHL introduces a game plan where precise targeting and measurable outcomes become the core of online sponsor activations. This initiative not only demonstrates the club's commitment to innovation but also marks a significant step forward in optimizing digital marketing efforts within the Belgian football scene. Importantly, it allows sponsors to delve into segmentation and tailored engagement strategies, utilizing fan data to craft personalized experiences.

Setting New Standards

Leveraging Wehave's data clean room technology is more than just a strategic move for the club; it showcases the untapped potential of data-driven strategies. Being able to work within both datasets without any risk of misuse or privacy concerns for the fans opens a multitude of opportunities to enhance the value of sponsorships.By prioritizing measurable impacts and fan-focused strategies, they're not just chasing goals but setting new ones for the world of sports sponsorships. With testing, and measuring comes improvement.This forward-thinking collaboration exemplifies how embracing technology and data can lead to more value for sponsors, placing OHL Leuven and Wehave at the forefront of digital marketing innovation in sports.