Data clean room results - A glimpse in what makes them successful
Data clean room results - A glimpse in what makes them successful


Data clean room results - A glimpse in what makes them successful


Jan 12, 2022


Data clean room results - A glimpse in what makes them successful

Data clean rooms going into 2024

As we advance towards 2024, the European Union (EU) continues to strengthen its stance on privacy. The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) is prompting companies like Meta to halt their current behavioural and contextual advertising techniques due to privacy concerns regarding personal data collection. This trend towards prioritizing consumer privacy has been an ongoing effort by the EU, creating complex challenges for marketers who seek precision in audience targeting.

In this climate, data clean rooms have become crucial to marketing strategy. We will showcase their importance through several case studies. For further details on the advantages of data clean rooms, please refer to our extensive article on the subject.

Case study: QTeam, Bridgestone & - A success story

QTeam, the leading tyre expert with over 50 locations in Belgium together with Bridgestone, wanted to target car owners and enthusiasts. In collaboration with, an automotive news platform with over 600,000 monthly visitors, they focused on a specific user group: those who frequently engaged with Vroom's newsletter over the last three months. This strategy pinpointed a segment of 50,000 users.

This segment was anonymized through the wehave data clean room service and activated across platforms like Meta and Google to maximize audience reach. The effectiveness of data clean room segmentation was evident when compared to conventional targeting and with a look-alike audience of those 50.000 Readers.

As we are writing this, the very first results are rolling in.

The Vroom data test resulted in 32% better click-through rates, 28% better cost-per-click, and 35% more applications for their 'win a tyre set' campaign, all within the same advertising bu.dget. The lookalike audience performed 17% better in general. An investment in data with a great return

Insights from Meta and Deloitte on First-Party Data in Advertising

Meta's research into the use of first-party data in advertising has highlighted its potential.

Integrating first-party data from different sources, particularly when combined with lookalike audiences, has proven to improve advertising performance significantly.

  • A 27% boost in conversion rates

  • An 18% decrease in customer acquisition cost (CAC)

  • A 23% uplift in customer satisfaction

  • A 20% increase in per-customer spending

Deloitte’s paper states that if you use a data clean room, you should do it correctly and make full use of it. Like with a CDP or CRM, if there's not a concrete strategy in place, the results will disappoint. Create a solid strategy and thrive.

Renault & Axel Springer

Renault and Axel Springer's collaboration is a testament to the power of first-party data. Two agencies representing Renault compared the traditional use of third-party cookies against a first-party data strategy. By partnering with Axel Springer and their substantial first-party data, Renault significantly enhanced their advertising results.

The collaboration focused on identifying overlaps in customer data to create a new segment for lookalike audiences, which led to:

  • An 18% increase in conversions

  • A 38% enhancement in ad targeting accuracy

  • A 15% decrease in cost per action

  • A 19% reduction in cost per click

A significant improvement compared to the results the achieved with the use of cookies.

Conclusion: Step up your first-party data game

The results are in. First-party data will be the best performing strategy for the coming years. Don't be the last one to join the party. You want to start leveraging first-party data strategies today rather than tomorrow. Delaying these tactics will only result in losses.

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